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T H E  B E A C H  B L I T Z  P R O J E C T

What Is The Beach Blitz Project ?

As a landscape photographer I have always had a passion for our landscapes and do my best to keep them tidy and clean, leaving only footprints.

Sadly beaches have become a place where people decide to leave their litter as well as the sea washing up plastics and other man made waste products


This puts marine life at great risk and i'm sure we have all seen the horrific images of birds, seals and other sea creatures that have become entangled in plastic waste and died a horrible slow painful death.

This as well as making beautiful landscapes look terrible and potentially dangerous is too much to stand by and see, so I take a carrier bag with me each time and pick up what I can to try and do my bit, but it simply isn't enough.

I decided that it would be great to take a group of like minded photographers to a chosen beach location and all pick up bags of rubbish and in return I will give free landscape photography tuition to everyone who does so for the remainder of the day.

I wanted to try and install a sense of care in the enviroment on the very people who spend so much time there and enjoy it.

Small steps can lead to big changes and I truly believe this project can really save animals and keep our beautiful Dorset coastline in a much better condition and I would hope people will get behind it and give a little back to the coastline of Dorset and set an example for others to follow, all it will cost you is your time.

Dorset Landscape Photography Workshop

What can you do ?

To start with it would really help to get the word out by sharing this page on your social media to try and raise awareness.

People power is an amazing thing and the more awareness we get then the more people want to get involved.

Next, well you simply come along on the chosen day and pick up litter along the beach in question, its that simple !

What do you get out of it ?

Not only will you get a great sense of satisfaction knowing you have made a real difference to the environment and the safety of the birds and animals who live there, You will get a 100% free evening of tuition from myself at the venue and will hopefully come away with a better understanding of how to get the landscape shots you want.

Together we can keep Dorset's beaches clean and tidy and continue to enjoy the landscapes and the wildlife that live there.

How do you sign up ?

Simply hit the contact me button below and let me know your interested and I will give you some dates & times for when it's happening.

I really hope people will get behind this project and together we can make a difference.

Start it all by hitting share on Facebook

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