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Horton Tower, a brief history

Horton Tower was built in 1750 by Humphrey Strut, Lord of Horton Manor and it sits at a huge 140 feet tall.

The tower also goes under the less popular name of Strut's Folly, It is not known what the exact purpose of the tower was for but popular theories include a stargazing observatory or possibly a folly to be admired by the owner from their home, it certainly has the stature to it as it is said to have been the tallest non religious building in Britain when it was first built.

The tower is closed to the public now as all of the levels have fallen away and it is in a state of disrepair now sadly with some smashed windows, At one point the public were able to access it and gaze up at the titanic scale of Horton Tower.

Now you can only walk alongside it but it really is a stunning sight to see and while driving in Dorset it can be seen dominating the landscape from several miles away.



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Chasing Rainbows and weather systems at Horton Tower !


It all goes off on this one !


Hail, Rainbows, Huge clouds, Rain, Sun & Rainbows ! Simply Epic

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A cheeky pre work sunrise at one of my favourite locations, and one I can't seem to keep away from ! 

I just love being here, but especially when the sunrise is great, A huge bonus !

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