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Ich bin stolz darauf, eines der umfangreichsten Angebote an Landschaftsfotografie-Workshops in Dorset anzubieten.

Ich habe viel Erfahrung in Fotografie und Grafikdesign und kann Kurse vom Shooting bis zur Nachbearbeitung anbieten.

Ich habe auch ein umfassendes Wissen über Dorset und eine der größten Galerien von Dorset-Bildern im Internet.

Kürzlich wurde ich in die Top 75 der Landschaftsfotografie-Blogger im Internet aufgenommen. (eigentlich unter den Top 50)

Ich kann jeden Kurs auf Ihre spezifischen Bedürfnisse zuschneiden, von den Grundlagen bis hin zu weit fortgeschritteneren Techniken.

Nichts ist zu viel Mühe und ich möchte, dass Sie die bestmögliche Erfahrung machen.

Sie können aus meinen unten aufgeführten Dienstleistungen auswählen oder wenn Sie weitere Optionen besprechen möchten, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte und ich werde gerne etwas für Sie zusammenstellen.

Warum also sollten Sie mich wählen? Ich möchte mich nicht verkaufen, und ich glaube nicht, dass ich das tun muss, also sage ich einfach, wenn Ihnen meine Arbeit gefällt und Sie in diesem Stil fotografieren möchten, dann werde ich das tun. Sehen Sie unten auf der Seite, was frühere Kunden gesagt haben.

Meine Drucke werden alle auf einem außergewöhnlich hochwertigen Galeriedrucker mit Premium-Pigmenttinten und einer großen Auswahl der besten verfügbaren Fotopapiere erstellt.

Kunstdruckpapiere sind im Allgemeinen dicker, säurefrei und verblassen etwa 85 Jahre lang nicht, wenn sie mit Pigmenttinten verwendet werden

Mein bevorzugtes Papier ist ein 300 g/m² Baryta-Papier für seidenmatte Oberflächen oder ein 315 g/m² natürliches Soft-Touch-Papier für matte Drucke, aber ich habe viele andere verfügbar und werde Empfehlungen oder Papiersorten für alle Drucke geben, an denen Sie interessiert sind.


Photography Workshop

1-2-1 on location

This involves a sunrise or sunset shoot lasting roughly 4 hours and covers such topics as exposure, composition, the use of N.D. filters and general technique.

We will choose a location based on weather, tide and if there is somewhere you specifically want to visit.

Alternatively we can shoot a seasonal based day looking at specific elements to combine.

Discounts available if you wish to group book.


photoshop tutorial


This course has proven to be a real benefit to everyone who has tried it. I can cover basics right through to fully advanced techniques and have a wealth of experience in this area from my graphic design work.

The course itself will cover any aspect you wish or you can opt for the beginner special which covers layers, curves & contrast, sharpening, camera Raw processing, colour correction, exposure adjustment, noise reduction and highlight correction to name a few.


This course is either a straight 5 hour (Approximately) course or can be split into two 2.5 hour mini versions.

I can come to you within a 15 mile radius at no extra cost or further if needed at a cost related to the distance.

I can also accommodate you at my home if this is preferred.

Landscape Photography Workshop

1-2-1 on Location

This course is proving to be the most popular and it's run over roughly 8-9 hours depending on time of year.

We will visit several locations on this all day course or if you prefer the day can be split to field work only or field work and post processing upon request.

This gives you the best use of time and value for money and the maximum learning experience possible.

It nicely combines all the elements together to give you a full package.

Discounts available if you wish to group book.


Seascape Workshops


As the tittle suggests this will be a single evening course (Around 2 hours) learning how to shoot seascapes.


Including long exposures, semi long exposures and composition at a location of your choice or you can leave it to me based on the weather, tides & time of year.

A great option for those who don't want to be out all day or find it easier to have a smaller session.

This specific course will only be run in the summer months, midweek due to the available light


Dorset Photography workshop

Multiple People

Group bookings can be made at discounted rate for any of my workshops for up to 3 people.

I also run several trips to locations such as bluebell forests, Waterfalls of Wales, The Jurassic coat and many more so please contact me if you're interested in any and I will check availability for you.

Alternatively if you have a party of landscape photographers who wish to come to Dorset I can assist.

Dorset Guided Tours

Dorset/Jurassic Coast

Many of you will be fully proficient photographers who don't need any tuition or help with your photography but you don't know the area so well

I can offer fully guided trips including all transportation to the very best locations Dorset has to offer and the many hidden gems that only local knowledge can deliver, without having to pay extra for the tuition you don't need.

If this appeals to you then please contact me to discuss party size and a group rate and I will be more than happy to help

This is a great way to visit many locations in one day with the quickest way to get there !


Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich, um Ihre individuellen Anforderungen zu besprechen, ich helfe Ihnen gerne weiter.

Sie können mich kontaktieren, indem Sie auf die Schaltfläche unten klicken oder mich unter 07931 171 939 anrufen

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Kingjoy Tripods



"Hi Daniel, I just had to write to thank you for the wonderful 1-2-1 day course I recently did with you, right from the get go you put me at ease and I was completely immersed in the process of setting up for a Landscape shot using manual settings, as the day progressed I got into a routine of setting the camera up, checking it was level, framing the shot, checking the histogram and waiting for the all important light, taking the shot and reviewing the result, and most of all slowing down and enjoying not only the photography but what was all around me. Thanks Daniel for a most enjoyable day."

Richard Hutchings 1-2-1 Full Day on Location.

"A note to say thank you for a most enjoyable and worthwhile tutorial yesterday. I expected to gain a few incremental steps forward, but you have completely re-set my method of working for Landscape photography and in the process, once I have put in some practice, speeded up my approach. I feel I now have some confidence in moving to Manual mode, a better appreciation of what I am looking for in terms of the quality and direction of light and a simple method to achieve perfect exposure every time. The ease of setting a focus point with options for "stacking" was also helpful. Thank you for sharing so readily your approach to Composition and your willingness to persue Photoshop editing at a later date and what that might entail. Thank you also for demonstrating your snap on (magnetic) filters (interest noted), your practical approach to longer exposures and for answering, so patiently, the many other questions I asked. All in all a most enjoyable and rewarding experience in one of my favourite local areas. I shall now endeavour to put into regular practice the many techniques we discussed and I look forward to addressing my Photoshop needs here at some point in the not to distant future. Finally, thank you for the kindness of your door-to-door transport which I truly appreciated."

Trevor Goodman - 1-2-1 Half Day Course on Location Tuition

"Wow! My workshop with Daniel was such a rewarding experience and had me working on full manual mode confidently within 30 minutes of meeting him! Daniel’s style of teaching is so refreshing and openly shared his breath of knowledge. He really cared about me nailing’ the shot and worked very hard getting some amazing images which I’m so chuffed with. The shear dedication Daniel put into my 1-2-1 workshop was quite simply amazing and his passion for landscape photography is infectious and has inspired me to be a better photographer. Should you be debating whether to book a workshop with Daniel, my advice is go for it you won’t be disappointed! I’ve already booked up with him next year and gutted I’m out of annual leave, as itching to learn more from him!"

Sarah Stigant - 1-2-1 Full Day On Location Tuition

"I’d got as far as I could using Lightroom and watching YouTube so where next? I was advised to contact Daniel Wretham Photography and I’m so pleased with the recommendation.  Daniel was a great communicator from the start and showed a real passion to help me improve, asking great questions to gauge my skill level and adapt the tuition before we ever met.  Being a real novice in Photoshop I wanted both on location and processing tuition. Daniel is a real subject matter expert when it comes to landscape photography and Photoshop with vast knowledge of the local area.  The weather on the day looked bad at times but we still went ahead and he was very flexible.  I’m so pleased we did as I’ve now got the best photos I’ve ever taken and after less than a week I’m able to process them in Photoshop myself.  Daniel pushed me out of my comfort zone and the rut I’d got into; I can still hear him saying “Get your 300mm lens out for a few landscape shots”, Hmmm I’m not sure I thought. How wrong I was…. Thanks Dan, you’re a true photo Wizard and I will be coming back for more"

Andy Hill - 1-2-1 Full Day On Location Tuition

"found Daniel to be exceptionally helpful and full of ideas and information that really helped my photography. I have since booked a second 1-2-1 session and can't wait. Thank you Daniel, it was a real  pleasure to see you work and learn from you"

Richard Shelton - Post Processing Course

"Photoshop had always intimidated me but you broke it down and explained it in a really simple way and now I feel so confident in my workflow. Thank you very much for a great day and some amazing knowledge, I have recommended you to several friends who will be in touch soon. Already I have seen a big difference in my pictures by using your techniques, so easy when you know how" 

David Snelgrove - Post Processing Course

"My shots from the morning are the best I have taken so far and I'm thrilled with them. You explained everything in a way that was easy to follow and gave me the results I have been wanting, the coffee was a lovely touch too, Thank you"

Steve Reading - 1-2-1 Seascape Course

"Thank you for the Photoshop training, I certainly picked up many tips and has opened new horizons in my photography.

I found the training very informative and nothing was to much trouble to recap on the training Thanks again"

Rob Dove - Post Processing Course

"I decided to contact Daniel as I had previously been impressed with a calendar I received that contained his photos.  For me, it was an absolute pleasure to learn both technique and composition in a very friendly and informal style over a couple of evenings.  Daniel was able to offer lots of tips and also advice on equipment as well as providing great feedback on my shots.  I was so impressed I decided to take an evenings’ photoshop tuition where Daniel was able to cut through the complexities and show me some of the basic and intermediate steps of post processing with a very enthusiastic and patient approach.

Did it make a difference I hear you asking – absolutely; I’ve taken some great landscapes all over the UK and can’t wait to get out there and keep shooting.  Thanks Danny – a true pro when it comes to coaching!!"

Tony Cross - 1-2-1 Seascape Course x2 and Post Processing Course

"Spent the afternoon on Danny's post processing course, I had been struggling with my workflow and the way I approach my editing for some time and had seen Danny's photos and loved the look and style of them. I was unsure if I would actually learn anything but within a few minutes Danny had put me at ease and went on to demonstate then help me go through the process of editing my photos to bring out both the best of them and in a very natural looking image. Not being a great computer guy I was really gratefull for the way Danny explained everything and took me through it step by step.

A great afternoon spent and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his course to anyone."

Gerry White - Post Processing Course

“Daniel is a knowledgable and talented photographer. My daughter and I had a wonderful couple of hours as he shared  basic and more advanced tips on how to take great photos. His passion for landscapes is inspiring. Highly recommended.”

Lara & Alex Bellinger - Seascape Course

"Saturday was a great day for which I am very grateful. You are very patient and work hard to make the day work in answering questions fully and without holding information back.  You will succeed in business when you make the leap!  Good luck and thank you"

Stuart Pinfield - 1-2-1 Full Day On Location Course

"Thank you for a fantastic day. I know I’ll be using the manual setting as much as possible now! 

You made it all so easy to understand, both the camera and composing the photographs. 

Just have to save up for the filters.... and everything else I have my eye on now!

Thank you again"

Richard Haynes - 1-2-1 Full Day On Location Course

“Daniel is very knowledgable and clearly very passionate about landscape photography. He explained the key concepts simply and had us shooting in manual within an hour. He taught us some great techniques and showed how to improve our photography with tripods and filters. Most importantly, we had a really fun day with him, his passion became Infectious and he took us to some beautiful spots to capture some great pictures.“

Lawrence Archer - Group Workshop on location

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