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All of my pictures are available as prints in a wide range of sizes, as well as fully customisable sizes to fit an existing frame or space.


Please contact me if you would like a print or a custom size and I will be more than happy to help.

I can even help with suggestions for complimentary images based on your rooms colour scheme.

Jurassic Coast Prints


Banjo Pier, Swanage

A fantastic sunrise over Banjo Pier in Swanage starts the day off right !


I wasn't even going to go there so a good lesson in adapting and overcoming adverse conditions


Some great tips in this video


Winspit Bottom

Yet another glorious sunrise at the Jurassic coast in Dorset.


Stormy conditions see the sky light up as the waves crash in to this perfect little location


Seascapes a plenty in this one !


The Jurassic Coast

A trip to the mighty Jurassic coast and Emmets Hill overlooking Chapmans Pool gives me a good mix of conditions, nice golden light and a decent sunset.


Which was better ?


You decide......


Houns Tout, Dorset

A long walk pays off for an early sunrise at Houns Tout overlooking Chapmans Pool in the heart of the Jurassic coast !


A chilly winter morning pays off with a decent sky and a view far less seen


One for the keen !

Interesting Facts about this coastline

* Swanage is best known for its Purbeck stone which was quarried from before the 12th century 

* Swanage has two piers, One is just remnants having been blown up to stop it being used for landing in World War 2, but you can still see the pillars poking out of the water alongside the much newer pier which is a check list shot for the the Dorset landscape photography community.

* The Wellington clock tower in Swanage was originally from London, after the great fire when London was being rebuilt with Purbeck stone it was shipped back to Swanage by George Burt who actually used it for ballast on his Purbeck Stone ships. It was given to Thomas Docwra as a gift by George Burt and was restored and erected where it still stands today. It does however miss the clock, which was its original purpose.

* Anvil Point is home to one of four lighthouses in Dorset and still functions to this day.

* Dancing ledge has an interesting history as it was a quarry for Purbeck stone and ships used to come along side the ledge when the tide was right to be loaded before setting off to London via the Thames, it was so named due to the way the water hits the ledge and appears to dance.

* The swimming pool area of Dancing ledge was actually blasted out of the rock by a local school to give the children an area to swim safely in. Something that wouldn't be allowed today due to heath and safety and the fact you need to climb down a cliff to get to it.

* Winspit & Seacombe Quarry served much the same purpose as Dancing ledge and was one of the main centres for Purbeck stone quarrying, There are many caves there which show the mine works and are today inhabited by bats.

* Winspit caves have featured in many TV shows, including twice in Dr.Who and are favoured areas for the climbers of Dorset to test their skills.

* Winspit & Seacombe are big favourites for landscape photography as they receive sunrise over the water throughout the winter months

* Chapmans Pool in Dorset is one of the premiere areas for fossils on the Jurassic Coast, and new ones are found daily here as the cliffs erode away.

* Chapmans Pool is well known as an area of landslides which are extremely common. While they do reveal new fossils they are obviously very dangerous and a lot of people have been killed in the past by them so care needs to be exercised here.

* Chapmans Pool holds a memorial on the top of Emmetts Hill to the Royal Marines who were killed in an attack by the IRA.

* Houn's Tout was photographed by one of the country's leading landscape photographers, Joe Cornish for one of his many books and he speaks very fondly of it.

* Chapmans Pool can be photographed from the top of the cliffs of right down in the pool itself which makes to very popular for Dorset landscape photographers, it also sees sunsets directly in front of it during the summer months

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