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Corfe Castle, A brief history

Corfe Castle was built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century and is nestled deep in the hills of the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.

The castle was one of the very first to be built using mainly stone as previously castles had been built out of mainly timber and earth, This gave the castle something of a high status and also made it able to withstand a lot of the attacks which it was to endure.

Corfe Castle holds a perfect defensive position as it sits in a ridge line that was carved out by the river Corfe which split and made a hill position of which the castle sits on top.

Corfe castle underwent many structural changes in the following centuries up until 1572 when it was sold by Elizabeth the 1st to Sir Christopher Hatten and then it was sold again in 1635 to Sir John Bankes.

The Bankes family held the castle for many years until 1981 where Henry Bankes left the entire Bankes estate to the National Trust who remain in control of Corfe Castle till today.

Many structural repairs have been undertaken by the National Trust and it was made safe and opened to the public.

Despite being able to walk around the castle the best views of it are to be had from East Hill & West Hill which flank the castle and can be accessed for free by the general public, the walk up them is well worth it for the views.

Corfe Castle is an exceptionally well know landscape for photographers to come and get pictures, all mainly hoping to catch it on a misty morning giving the castle an ethereal feel as it sits just above the mist line.

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